3 Tops Tips For Running Your Best 5k

By Emily Williamson

1. Consistency. You’re never going to flawlessly execute the solo to Stairway to Heaven if you only pick up your guitar once a year. Like everything else that’s worth doing, running takes consistent practice. A good rule of thumb for trimming down your 5k time is to run at least three times a week.

2. Variety. Top coaches recommend a blend of strength, speed and endurance training for running a fast 5k (check out Runners World’s article on this for example workout programmes) but strength is key. There are lots of sciency reasons as to why it helps to build up what’s called ‘reactive strength’ for running a middle distance, but simply put, being stronger means you can push off the road with more force, propelling you forward more quickly. It’s just physics. Also, running 5k over and over would get pretty mind-numbing. And we all know boredom is the arch nemesis of motivation.

3. Accountability. One way to ensure progress is – yes…you guessed it – training with a buddy! Nothing like a bit of friendly competition to boost you round that last kilometre. While your lungs are on fire and the sprint finish might do you in, it’s all worth it for the satisfaction of that sweet PB!

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