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A revolutionary platform

BuddyUp is the hot new app for connecting with new and existing friends and like-minded individuals. The BuddyUp app is a revolutionary platform for finding like-minded individuals to spend time with doing the things you like best.

What people say
What people say about us
Love this app!! I have not only met new local runners in person but I now have many more buddies within the online running community via the chat page feature. For a woman especially I like the way you can pick and choose who you want to be in contact with to feel safe and secure when you venture out.
I’ve met new Buddies!
Jules RunningRewire
The app is a fantastic idea, and the tag line of “match meet motivate” is exactly what I need when running! No issues signing up, and the process was smooth for me (used email took less than 5 mins). I really love the look and feel of the app and how intuitive It is from a user perspective.
Great idea - just what I need!
This is perfect for me as I’m a keen runner who can’t be bothered with the commitment of joining a running club, but would equally love a pal to pace the local park with. I grew bored of strava as it's basically everyone humble bragging about inflated 5k times. Then I stumbled on this app and i bloody love it.
Bloody love it
roadrunner 443543
Over the last 18 months or so, my training has evolved into something very solitary in that I’ve been running by myself and it can get boring. Buddy up helps find runners around me with similar levels and interests so we can link up and start training together! Highly recommended!
Just what I needed
Love this app and concept! Downloaded and made a profile and already chatting to people to meet up for a run. Easy to use and seems like there are new people on it every day. It’s about time someone made an app to find running partners!
Great app!
Excited to get started with this. I’m trying to get back into Running again and want to connect with others at my level that live locally- accountability really works for me.
Getting back into running
Has been a great way to meet running partners, and I love that you can personalise your profile and ability level to meet people on the same wavelength! Sign-up was easy and only took me a few minutes.
Awesome app
Really cool app, easy to use - a nice way to meet people who have similar running goals as you do. Perfect for when you need that little extra push.
Great for finding running buddies!
I’ve just started running and this app has helped me meet a few friends to run with and keep me motivated on my fitness journey! Perfect for people starting out!
Fantastic App for running with a Buddy!

With the right running partner, you share more than the same 5k time



Once you’ve found your running partner, hit the road or local park and tick off some goals together

buddy up

Run Together

Once you’ve found your running partners, hit the road or local park and tick off some goals together



Science shows that we hit our goals more often when we’re in it together. Probably because it’s more fun! So find a buddy and get motivated!

buddy up

Find Running Partners

Use our powerful matchmaking tool to find your perfect partner, or engage with runners near you

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